Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Mark A. Palmer, associate professor of Manufacturing Engineering
Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with focuses in environmentally conscious electronics manufacturing, including reducing processing temperature for forming lead-free solder joints and thermal fatigue and reliability; solidification processing, including grain growth and microstructural evolution, and development of as-cast microstructure; and innovative pedagogical practices, including development of student centered learning experiences, educational evaluation/assessment and continuous improvement, technology enhanced learning, integration of research and undergraduate education, and novel masters programs.

Palmer feels Kettering students set high standards for themselves and work very hard to achieve those standards and want to apply what they learn. He enjoys teaching at Kettering because he is able to teach the entire course, including the class session and laboratory. He feels there is a lot of equipment for student use and a clear dedication to student learning.

Palmer would tell prospective students that "this is a college where you will have small classes, access to faculty, be taught by faculty, and are guaranteed a relevant education."

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