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Gawarecki, Leszek P

2-100 A AB


Notable Publications:

Monograph: "Stochastic Differential Equations in Infinte Dimensions. With Applications to SPDEs"

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Monograph: "Stochastic Analysis for Gaussian Random Processes and Fields: With Applications”


Dr. Leszek Gawarecki, head of the department of Mathematics
Ph.D. in Statistics from Michigan State University with expertise in statistics, including statistical consulting, estimation, testing, and modeling; and the theory and applications of stochastic processes, including ordinary and partial stochastic differential equations.

Gawarecki finds Kettering students to be practical, talented and busy. He feels that they are distinguished from other university students when they discover the link between academics and business/industry and are capable of bringing to class actual problems from their co-op employers and a desire to learn topics useful for them at work. He enjoys and values discussions on practical applications of the topics studied in class to the business, engineering, and science curricula and to solving practical problems. After Gawarecki "heard that Kettering University students exceed in ability" when compared to students in large public universities, he knew he wanted to teach at Kettering.

Gawarecki tells of a student who insisted that there was some merit to her answer. He was in total denial but decided to test her approach. Her numerical answer was just 1/2 of the correct number. When they tried a next example in line, the ratio was 2/3. She insisted that there was still some relationship. He insisted that there is always some relationship, but it started occurring to him that this one was too regular. When they tried another case, the ratio came up at 3/4 and they spent the next hour figuring out why it worked so nicely. The student left his office amazed how much fun it was to do research in mathematics. They planned to publish a short note on their joint finding.

His advice for students is to "come to Kettering if you like your education to be tested in practice. Choose your degree by what you love to do, if you cannot decide, stay undecided and enjoy your freedom."

Hidden talents: When not leading the faculty in the department of Mathematics, Gawarecki is racking up some statistics of his own on the soccer field.

Statistics and probability

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