Associate professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Kevin G. TeBeest, associate professor of Applied Mathematics
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with expertise in computational mathematics, differential equations and thermo-fluids.

After 15 years at Kettering, TeBeest finds Kettering students tend to be more innovative than their peers at other universities. He credits their co-op employment experience which allows them to work with experienced engineers and other scientists during college. "They also understand that their education here is not the end, but is the means to an end, and will lead them to a more fulfilling career and broader life-long opportunities," TeBeest says.

He was attracted to Kettering because he knew his education and experience in both mathematics and engineering would be valued by the Kettering faculty and students. TeBeest says that when his math students discover that he also has a degree in engineering they seem to appreciate him more as their mathematics teacher, and that makes it easier for him to relate to them.

TeBeest finds it thrilling to have opportunities to relate mathematics to engineering and the sciences. One of his favorite sayings, attributed to Galileo, is "The language of nature is mathematics."

According to TeBeest, at Kettering students have a foundation that their peers at other universities will lack: an excellent education complemented with valuable co-op employment experience, which gives them a distinct competitive advantage. But he cautions that it is important to remember being at Kettering is a privilege that is continually earned by maintaining good grades and that studies come first. "You will have a co-op job because you attend Kettering and maintain good grades; you do not attend Kettering because you have a co-op job," he says.

Hidden talents: Complementing his professional interests is Dr. TeBeest's life-long interest in meteorology. Besides studying meteorology in his spare time, he also owns his own automated personal weather station that records the current weather conditions and uploads the data to national weather organizations and to his own personal web site, which also contains radar images, weather maps, forecasts, and various other features. His greatest joy, however, is spending time with his wife and children. Together they enjoy biking and also touring and photographing Michigan lighthouses.

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid flow, Numerical heat transfer, Numerical methods

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