Dr. K. Joel Berry, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Melon University, with expertise in fuel cells, heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics.

Berry, who has taught at Kettering and led the Mechanical Engineering Dept. for the past 21 years, feels that Kettering students are focused, committed and mature when compared to students at other institutions. Additionally, the three words he uses to describe them are determined, motivated and winners.

As a 1979 graduate of Kettering/GMI, Berry came back to teach because of the institution's ideas. Specifically, the Kettering student has a strong commitment to excel, which he finds pleasing. And his favorite part about teaching is sharing the joy of learning with his students.

Hot tip for prospective students: "Be prepared for a significant growth experience that will prepare them for anything else that comes along in life."

Hidden talents and outside interests: when he's not conducting departmental business or teaching class, Berry can be found on the basketball court coaching players on how to improve their game. 


Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fuel Cell Systems, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

1700 University Ave