Dr. Janet Brelin-Fornari, professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Crash Safety Center
Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in dynamic systems and controls, crash safety, biomechanics, and accident reconstruction.

Though Brelin-Fornari finds Kettering students to be somewhat stressed, she also notes that they are driven and astute. She feels that the cooperative education work experience distinguishes Kettering students and makes them more astute in the classroom. She finds that "they have seen the real engineering world and they can relate the theory to it." Brelin-Fornari was initially interested in teaching at Kettering because the University has so many professional ties with industry. Since she is "best at applied research," she finds that Kettering offers an opportunity to continue working in an industrial setting while offering the joys and challenges of teaching talented students. She enjoys the ability "to share with the students the real-world application of engineering principles through crash safety research" and the reward of "seeing students begin to understand complex theories through hands-on discovery." She would tell prospective students that "wherever the student decides to go to college, find opportunities for co-op" because the "work experience (and not just a summer internship) is a great learning experience both academically and socially." She also would tell them "since Kettering has a well organized cooperative education program with so many different companies to choose from, it is the perfect place for the student to do real engineering, starting from the freshman year."

Hidden talents and outside interests: In addition to teaching, research and running the Crash Safety Center, Brelin-Fornari participates in activities that revolve around her family such as watching her children grow and learn, and giving them diverse opportunities through sports, spiritual growth and the arts.

Automotive accident reconstruction and occupant safety, Biomechanics, Dynamic Systems

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