Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Henry Kowalski (a.k.a. Doc K), adjunct professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in engineering mechanics and aeronautical engineering.

Best known for unleashing his students' explosive creativity in his Experimental Mechanics class, Kowalski has spent more than 40 years encouraging "outside of the box" thinking. He likes teaching at Kettering because it has "the best students in the world to teach - very eager yet very pragmatic." He also sees them as future leaders.

He says Kettering offers "the best damn practical engineering, science or business education with real world experience anywhere. It's an ideal education for future leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs or even intra-preneurs."

A bit of an intra-preneur himself, Kowalski has been known to trick his supervisor into purchasing the same kind of equipment three times under three different budget lines. He also lets students blow-up mailboxes and retrofit skeet shooters to test catcher's helmets.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not stirring up trouble at Kettering, he likes to visit parts of the United States he's never been to before in his truck.

2-139 MC