Professor of Physics

Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in Physics, with expertise in ceramics/refractories; computer simulation/modeling; condensed matter; fatigue/fracture; mechanical properties, materials; physics, solid state and theoretical.

Hassold finds Kettering students driven, gifted and practical. He feels that what distinguishes them from students at other colleges is that "they're driven to practicality, with one eye on the job, and the other at school." Hassold was originally attracted to teaching at Kettering by the chance to teach high caliber students while continuing his own research and has discovered that "interacting with sharp, inquisitive students is rejuvenating!"

He would tell prospective students, "Kettering isn't for every student. . . but if there's a good fit between us, you won't find an educational experience like it anywhere else."

Hidden talents and outside interests: Hassold has a wide variety of interests outside Kettering. In addition to his family hosting high school exchange students with AFS, he enjoys music (choral, pipe organ), musical theater, travel, and photography.

Ceramics/refractories, Computer simulation/modeling, Condensed matter, Fatigue/fracture, Mechanical properties, materials, Physics, solid state and theoretical

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