Dr. Gregory W. Davis, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in automotive engineering and energy systems.

Davis finds Kettering students to be motivated gearheads and feels that it is the cooperative education experience that distinguishes them from students at other colleges. He enjoys working with students, especially those involved in the SAE design teams (Clean Snowmobile, Baja, and Formula). It was automotive engineering and the teaching reputation of Kettering which first attracted Davis to teaching here.

Once a student came to Davis' office to ask about his grade during the last week of the term. He wanted to know if was going to pass the Plastics course. Davis doesn't teach Plastics; at the time it was taught by an older faculty member, Dr. C. Davis! Davis informed him that he was probably not doing well and sent him down the hall to discuss his situation with Dr. C. Davis.

His hot tip for prospective students is to "join an SAE student team to maximize your experience!"

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching or working with SAE students, Davis spends time camping, hiking, fishing, and off-roading.

Automotive emissions, Computer software packages, Engine development, multifuel, Engine testing, Finite element methods, Numerical methods

1700 University Ave
2-121 MC