Staff Lecturer

Dale Eddy, staff lecturer of Mechanical Engineering
M.S. in Manufacturing Management from Kettering/GMI Engineering and Management Institute.

Eddy, who is a graduate of the Kettering/GMI graduate program, has taught at Kettering since 1990. He feels the biggest distinguishing feature between Kettering students and those at other schools is that a Kettering student can handle a heavy academic load at a very swift pace, then turn around and be a highly productive worker at whatever co-op assignment they have during their work term.

The words he likes to use when describing Kettering students are mature, valuable and innovative. One of his favorite parts about teaching at Kettering is the chance to introduce students to the patent process and watching the gears turn in their heads. He chose to teach at Kettering for the opportunity to be a part in the creation of tomorrow's engineers, scientists and CEOs.

Hot tip for prospective students: "Hang on tight and don't forget to breathe!" In other words, Kettering terms are short like a sprinter's 100-yard dash, so the Kettering educational experience is rigorous but rewarding.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When he's not in the classroom, Eddy enjoys hunting, fishing, woodworking and beekeeping. 

Creating Patent Drawings, Experimental stress analysis, Photography, high speed

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