Department Head - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Craig J. Hoff, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in automotive powertrains (conventional, hybrid electric, fuel cell), in-vehicle data acquisition, design for the environment, and thermal and mechanical design.

To Hoff, Kettering students are motivated and have the know-how to work in a professional environment. It sets them apart from others, who are lost when they first enter the work place. Hoff enjoys working with students that go above and beyond and truly want to make things happen. "This was the place to be to teach automotive engineering."

When returning from the Formula SAE competition in 2002, his team leader mentioned that he rode a horse to his school as a child. At first the group thought he was just kidding, but it turned out that he regularly rode his horse to his one-room school house. The team was quite amazed to hear this about someone so young, but it goes to show that Kettering attracts students from all kinds of places.

Hoff would tell prospective students who found high school easy, "Prepare to work harder."

Hidden talents and outside interests: Hoff fills his off hours with reading, traveling, and home projects.

Automotive Powertrain Systems (Conventional and Hybrid Electric), Alternative Fuels, In-vehicle Data Acquisition, Sustainable Energy Systems, Modeling of Thermal/Mechanical Systems

Dr. Hoff's Research Profile

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