Brenda Lemke, lecturer of Mechanical Engineering
M.S.E. from Kettering/GMI, with expertise in data acquisition, PEM fuel cells, instrumentation, and energy systems.

Lemke finds Kettering students determined and experienced with strong technical abilities and feels that they stand out from other college students because they "graduate from high school with knowledge and start as freshmen stronger than other students" and are "willing to tackle the demands of a Kettering education." Her initial desire to teach at Kettering resulted from the quality of the facilities and students and her favorite part is helping the students to understand what an engineer does.

Lemke's advice to prospective students is to "be ready to be challenged daily by the workload and the need to understand the course material."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not researching the fuel of the future, Lemke is a NASCAR enthusiast and enjoys gardening.

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