Professor, Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Andrzej Przyjazny, Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Ph.D. in Chemistry from Southern Illinois University, with expertise in analytical chemistry.

Przyjazny views Kettering students as motivated, serious and competitive. Kettering students are adept at getting the most value out of their tuition dollar by getting as much education as they can; this sets them apart from students at other universities. He enjoys teaching at Kettering because of the small class sizes, which allow him to get to know all of his students personally, and the opportunity to perform directed research with Chemistry majors. It was Przyjazny's technical background (he has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering) that initially interested him in teaching at Kettering.

He once asked his students what is the logarithm of zero and one student replied, "Error." It was obvious that the student had used his calculator!

His hot tip for prospective students is to "enroll for three reasons: the cooperative education experience; small class sizes; and all courses are taught by professors, not teaching assistants."

Hidden talents and outside interests: Przyjazny has diverse interests outside of Kettering. He is an avid reader, with history being his favorite topic. He also likes to play bridge with Professor Reg Bell on the AC Delphi/Kettering bridge league.

Analytical chemistry, Chromatography, Environmental chemistry, Environmental issues, Separation science

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