Dr. Ahmad Pourmovahed, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in energy systems and sustainable energy.

Pourmovahed appreciates his students' seriousness and innovation, but finds the humor in working with overly courteous students. For example, he volunteered a class to help out with the energy grid at Mott Farm, a teaching farm. One student took a wrong turn and wound up volunteering at the neighboring historical village all day instead - too polite to tell his hosts he was in the wrong place.

Currently coordinating Kettering's pre-college program on sustainable energy, Pourmovaded is expanding his influence to high school-aged students interested in alternative energy as a field of study.

His advice to prospective students is "always go with your dream."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not busy with students of any age, Pourmovahed enjoys traveling and meeting new people.

Energy storage, Energy systems design and usage, Fluid system evacuation, Hybrid vehicles, Powertrain simulation, Thermal systems analysis

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