Kettering Alert - Emergency Notification System

Kettering Alert is an emergency notification system that allows the University to send critical news and information to the Kettering community during campus emergencies, including weather-related closures. Students, faculty, and staff may opt-in to receive cell phone text and voicemail messages, alerting them to campus emergencies and recommending a course of action to promote safety. Examples of emergencies that may result in text and voicemail notification include hazardous materials spills, weapons-related violence, weather-related closures, etc.

Below, you will find instructions for adding and maintaining up-to-date information to receive these important messages. The University will only use this method of communication for emergency situations in which timely notification is critical. You must opt-in to participate in the Kettering Alert text and voicemail emergency communications system.

Instructions for Students, Faculty & Staff:
  • Go to Banner Web/Self-Service and log in.
  • Navigate to the "Personal Information" tab and select "Kettering Alert."
  • Enter your cell phone number and submit it. (Remember to update your cell phone number or carrier whenever it changes so that you continue to receive these important messages.)

By providing your cell phone number through this portal, you agree to be notified in the event of an on-campus emergency via text and voicemail message. You need not take any action if you prefer not to receive emergency notifications via these means. Emergency broadcast messages are sent automatically to Kettering email addresses.