Kettering University is currently operating under normal conditions.

Emergency Campus Closing Policies and Procedures for Kettering University

As a general practice, Kettering University makes every effort to maintain its normal schedule of operations. Students, faculty and staff should assume the university is open unless they see a notice on the Kettering website or hear otherwise on the radio or television. The Kettering Community is asked to listen to the radio or television (see official stations below) for updated information rather than calling the university switchboard.

Typical Emergency Closing Times and Procedures

Closing/starting at normal business hours:

The decision and announcements are to be made as early in the morning as possible, preferably by 6:00 a.m. The typical duration for the closing will be 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The second and third shifts will report to work as scheduled or will report at the end of the official closing if it overlaps the shift, unless specifically notified otherwise. Evening classes and programs will likewise be open unless the closing announcement or subsequent announcements specify that they will be included in the closing.

Closing/starting after normal business day has begun
To the extent possible, one hour of lead time will be provided in order to inform all staff, students, and visitors that the campus will be closing. Departments notified of a closing by Physical Plant are asked to assist in communicating closing announcements in whatever ways they can.

Evenings and weekends

The decision and announcement responsibilities are the same as in a "day school" closing. The decision to close should be made at 4 p.m. for evening classes.

Delayed or closing categories include:

University Closed – All classes, activities and events are cancelled. Offices are also closed.

Delayed Opening – Classes will resume at the regularly scheduled time –Kettering Standard Time - following the announced delayed time – classes scheduled prior to the delayed opening are cancelled (i.e. if an 11 AM start time is announced, then classes will begin with the 11:20 class and all prior classes will have been cancelled for the day. Two-hour block classes). Events generally will be cancelled if scheduled during the period of the delay.

Official Announcements

If the decision to close the campus or delay the start of classes is made, Communications Office and Campus Safety are responsible for notifying the University community and the public. Announcements of an emergency closing or delay, to the extent possible, specify the starting and ending times of the closing.

The University community is expected to listen to radio and television announcements for closing information. In addition, closing information will be provided on the Kettering website at

Communications staff members will contact the the following media outlets:




WWJ Radio (950 AM)

WCRZ Radio (107.9 FM)

Due to of the nature of their activities, some University departments must be staffed during an emergency campus closing. Below is a list of the offices required to staff their critical functions:

University Departments Operating During Emergency Closings

Campus Safety
Plant Maintenance
Custodial and Grounds
Information Technology 
Thompson Hall
Dining Services
"Critical employees" in these functional areas are expected to report to work during emergency closings unless specifically informed by their supervisor that they are not to report.

Due to the unique and often time-defined nature of some University endeavors, certain University departments and units, in addition to those identified above, may require employees to work during an emergency closing. Directors/Department Heads and supervisors are responsible for identifying, designating, and notifying, in writing, those "critical employees" in their units who are expected to report to work in the event of an emergency closing.

University Employees

All full time employees will be paid in accordance with Kettering University’s policy for the Suspension of University Operations during an official emergency closing.

Further Information

Questions about personnel or compensation issues related to potential or actual closings should be directed to department managers. General questions about this policy should be directed to the Campus Safety Chief Jim Benford at 810-762-9899.