If you are awarded an endowed scholarship please use these guidelines when writing your letter to share a little bit about yourself and to express your thanks directly to the people who made these funds possible.

Be sure to include in your letter:

Your thanks and what this scholarship means to you

Your grade level and your major

Where you currently work

Where you are from, where you grew up, what high school you attended

What inspired you to attend Kettering  University

You could also include:

Work project/experience that you think was particularly interesting

Your family information (brothers, sisters)

Activities, hobbies, interests and anything else you’d like to include

Please use this format:

  • Letter should fit on one side of a 8 ½ x 11 paper
  • 1” margins around
  • Times New Roman font
  • font size 12
  • at least 3 paragraphs - in block format
  • include your typed name, but no signature
  • do not include contact information such as address, phone number, special letterhead, etc.
  • copy and paste your picture toward the bottom of the letter, below your typed signature – approximate size 3” x 2”

Send your letter and a good photo of yourself to finaid@kettering.edu