Thompson Hall has 55" TV's in all of it's lounges and lobby areas.

Study Room (across from the laundry room)
Rec Area

First Floor
Unit 11 Lounge
Unit 14 Lounge

Second Floor
Main Lobby (2)
Unit 24 Lounge

Third Floor
Unit 31 Lounge
Unit 34 Lounge

Fourth Floor
Unit 41 Lounge
Unit 42 Lounge
Unit 45 Lounge

Each TV has 70 cable channels and an HDMI and USB connection in an exterior box. Instructions on how to work the TV's and a list of cable channels are next to the TV's.

Movies in DVD and Blu-Ray format can be checked out at the Thompson Hall Front Desk. We have a DVD player or can rent a video game console for you to watch movies. For a list of Movies, see the TH Movie List on our website or check the list at the front desk.