What does domestic violence look like?

The following are some of the most common tactics used by abusers to control their partners.  If you or someone you know has their personal freedom restricted or is afraid of their partner, they may be a victim of domestic violence.

Physical Abuse

  • Pushed, shoved or kicked
  • Slapped or bitten
  • Strangled
  • Hit or punched
  • Locked out of your home
  • Denied help when ill, injured or pregnant
  • Weapon used against you
  • By physical force, not being allowed to leave
  • Objects thrown at you
  • Abandoned in a dangerous situation

Sexual Abuse

  • Forced to have sex or watch sexual acts
  • Forced to perform sexual acts or have sexual acts performed on you
  • Forced to dress more sexually than you wish
  • Forced to have sex after a physical assault, when you are ill or as a condition of the relationship

Emotional & Psychological Abuse

  • Threatened harm to you, your family or your pets
  • Beliefs, race, heritage, class, religion, or sexual orientation ridiculed
  • Manipulated with lies and contradictions
  • Being convinced you are to blame for the abuse
  • Stalked

Economic Abuse

  • Denied access to bank accounts, credit cards or vehicle
  • Partner controls all the finances
  • Prevented from getting or keeping a job or from going to school
  • Limits your access to health, prescription or dental insurance