Kettering University requires all students to carry health insurance coverage. The University requires all enrolled students to submit proof of health insurance once each academic year, or to purchase Kettering’s Student Health Insurance Plan.

  • AIG Educational Markets, a third party, verifies health insurance coverage through their online system. Students must complete the online verification process.
  • Students will automatically be enrolled in Kettering’s Student Health Insurance Plan for coverage if they fail to provide proof of health insurance through the online verification process by the deadline.
  • Students who wish to enroll in Kettering’s Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan need not take any action.
  • Cost of the University insurance plan is $972.00 for coverage July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. See the Plan Brochure for complete information
  • Students may also purchase dependent coverage through the Kettering plan.

Students and their parents may contact AIG through their website or toll-free at (877) 775-5430. Kettering’s Wellness Center staff will also answer questions about the health insurance verification procedure.

Any questions?

Contact: or (810) 762-9650

Frequently Asked Questions about Kettering’s Health Insurance Policies and Procedures

Why does Kettering care whether or not students have health insurance?

We believe access to health care, through affordable insurance, to be critical to our student’s success and wellbeing. We want to ensure that ill and injured students receive necessary medical care, when and where they need it. The most cost effective means for providing access to affordable health care is through individual insurance coverage. Rather than mandating all students purchase Kettering’s health insurance plan, we only require it only of those students who do not have other coverage.

Who is AIG Educational Markets and why is Kettering doing business with them?

AIG Educational Markets has more than 40 years experience providing health insurance coverage and insurance verification services to hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Kettering contracts with them following a competitive bid process carried out by professional staff from the Wellness Center, Student Life, and Administration and Finance. This committee selected AIG because they provide Kettering with the most comprehensive medical coverage at the most competitive price.

How secure is the information AIG collects?

AIG Educational Markets considers the privacy and security of each student’s personal information to be of paramount importance. It has instituted a number of policies and practices to ensure confidentiality, in compliance with federal regulations for guarding personal information. Students and their family members may review the AIG Educational Markets Privacy Policy. Note that AIG will not disclose any non-public personal information about anyone except for the purposes of carrying out services or actions related to their products and services.

How much money is Kettering making off this certification process?


What if I (or my parents) have more questions about the health insurance verification process?

AIG Educational Markets provides general information and contact opportunities. Contact AIG by telephone at 888.722.1668. Students and their parents may contact the Wellness Center at 810.762.9650 and email at