Thompson Hall provides employment opportunities for the following positions

Residence Life Student Coordinator (RLSC)

The Residence Life Student Coordinator acts as a student head to all activities that occur in Thompson Hall.  The RLSC is a past resident assistant that is very familiar in Thompson Hall, and actively seeks to find improvements to the hall.  The RLSC plays the role of the student’s point of view in maintaining and improving Thompson Hall.  The RLSC oversees RA activities, desk and kitchen assistants, as well as working hand in hand with the Director of Residence Life to ensure that Thompson Hall remains a functioning and enjoyable place to live for all residents.

Resident Assistants (RA)

Resident Assistants (RA) are undergraduate, sophomore or higher, para-professional students who have been trained to help you with your day to day concerns. RA's help build community in the residence halls and can answer your questions about the many facets of campus life. RA's are hired under an academic year contract and receive a room and board  scholarship for their hard work.  RA's are required to work some breaks and holidays, depending on duty schedules, hall, and resident needs.

Desk Assistants (DA)

Desk Assistants (DA) are employees of Residence Life. They work at the Thompson Hall Front Desk and assist students with mail, check out equipment, and answer questions about campus life and resources.

Kitchen Assistants (KA)

Kitchen Assistants (KA) are employees of Residence Life. They work in the Thompson Hall Community Kitchen to assist and monitor students who use our kitchen.

Recycling Assistants

Recycling Assistants work in the hall to collect recycling for the throughout the building 2-3 times per week