Community Workshops


KLI’s START Program (Successful Tools for Achieving Realistic Targets) is geared toward 8th grade students as part of a high school readiness course. The workshops run for 8 weeks and are led by Kettering University Coaches. Topics such as Setting and Achieving Goals, High School Preparation and Responsibilities, Time Management, and Self-Esteem and Your Values are addressed in these weekly workshops.



"Interacting with students of RPSA gave me immense joy and insight of the potential these students have! I felt like a potter, molding the young clay into great shapes and preparing them for future life." - Vipul

"Being a KLI Coach has truly been an eye opening experience for me. During the eight weeks, I saw a transformation in both myself and the 8th grade students. As a Coach, I became more confident and my leadership skills improved greatly." - Kayla


"I learned that instead of fighting to talk it over. It's okay to be different and diversity is not bad, it makes you who you are." - Joseph

"It helped me with all of the stuff I am going through. I love you guys!" - Alonis

"Thank you for coming, I really appreciate what you have done for us." - Thomas

"I liked the Diversity Bingo because I learned more about my classmates." - Alexia


If you are interested in becoming a Coach, please complete the Tutor & Coach Application.