What will I get out of this?

You will be amazed at what you will get from your Greek experience. Joining a fraternity/sorority rounds out the college experience. We often say that you get a complete education in a fraternity/sorority. Greek Life offers lifelong friends, leadership opportunities, academic support, social and sporting activities, and increases your networking opportunities when looking for a job or a Co-op

How will my grades be affected?

Ideally, your grades should improve. Academics must be your first priority here at Kettering, and all of the chapters know this. The fraternities and sororities can offer support in time management, tutoring, scholarships, and class assistance. But remember, you have a choice, and it’s up to you to make sure that you plan properly, manage your time wisely and seek the help that is available, either through the chapters or the University.


What are the total costs to be a member of a Greek organization?

Each Greek organization’s dues structure is different. Joining a Greek organization will usually require a one-time fee made payable to the National/International Headquarters. Beyond this the cost will vary based on a number of different factors including, rent, insurance, meal plans, the chapter’s activity level, and whether everything is included up front, or if it’s pay as you go.

Will I be hazed?

Hazing has no place in our Greek Community. You absolutely should not be hazed. You should never participate in any activity that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are ever in doubt, you can contact the Office of Student Affairs or the Greek Life Office for more information or clarification.

How do I know if my son/daughter is being hazed?

Keep the lines of communication open with your son/daughter and make sure that you ask what activities he/she is participating in. If your child hesitates or says that he/she cannot tell you, probe a little further. Except for the ritual, your child should be able to describe everything. Some signs to look for: missing class, overly tired, and/or regular communication habits change significantly.