Criminal Sexual Conduct

The Criminal Sexual Conduct Statutes of the State of Michigan define sexual assault as a crime involving forced or coerced sexual penetration (first and third degree) or sexual contact (second and fourth degree). “Sexual penetration means sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, or any other intrusion, however, slight, of any person’s body or of any object into the genital or anal openings of another person’s body.” The University encourages the reporting of sexual assaults to the appropriate University officials since reporting is the only way the University may take action against an accused assailant. Students may report sexual assault to any University official, including the Dean of Students, Dean of Students, Director of the Wellness Center, Director of Residence Life, or any University official.

We encourage students and persons receiving reports of sexual assault to take appropriate steps to preserve evidence that may be necessary to prove criminal sexual assault, as well as to pursue University judicial processes. We also encourage students to notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities when-ever a sex offense occurs. Campus authorities will assist students with notification.

Kettering University reserves the right to investigate allegations of criminal sexual conduct against our students, regardless of where the alleged misconduct took place, including on campus, off campus, and/or at Kettering University sponsored events. In investigating and hearing cases of alleged sexual assault, the accuser and the accused shall be entitled to the same opportunities to have others present as during any judicial affairs hearing. Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of a judicial affairs hearing.

Students found to have committed criminal sexual misconduct, including acquaintance rape, on or off campus, may receive sanctions up to and including expulsion from the University. Allegations of criminal sexual misconduct committed by any member of the Kettering University community shall be handled through Kettering University procedures applicable to the status of the person accused. Such persons may also be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal actions in the courts.