Judicial Affairs Policies & Procedures

Members of the Kettering community should contact the Vice President of Student Life & Dean Students (VPSL/DoS) whenever a violation or suspected violation of Kettering’s Code of Student Conduct takes place. The VPSL/DoS will take appropriate measures to investigate each incident and decide how best to proceed: to dismiss the charges, to refer the charge[s] to a designated Judicial Officer, or to refer them to a University Board of Student Conduct (UBSC). If the charges are referred for further action, the VPSL/DoS will hold a pre-hearing with the accused student[s]. The pre-hearing serves the following purposes:

  • To explain Kettering University’s judicial process.
  • To inform the accused of his/her rights accorded through the University’s judicial process.
  • To inform the accused, in writing, of all charges.
  • To request that the accused write an official response to all charges.
  • To inform the accused of all available resolution options appropriate to the specific charges.