Before You Begin Your Off Campus Housing Search

Before you begin, you should consider the following factors. They will help you make an informed decision about choosing off campus housing.

  • Don’t be pressured into signing your lease too early.  A lease is a binding legal agreement that cannot be broken. 
  • Security deposits cannot be greater than 1.5 month’s rent.
  • Before you sign the lease, do a complete review of the space, noting any damaged or missing items. You’ll want to negotiate with the property owner to make these repairs/replacements a part of the lease agreement. This will also protect you from being charged for these damages when you move out.
  • Who will your roommate/s be? Remember that you will be living with them for three months.  Do they have the same commitment to academics?  Can you agree on quiet times, chores, visitors?
  • What will you do if one of your roommates chooses to withdraw?
  • How far away from campus are you willing to live? Don’t forget to look into parking options so that your vehicle is safe and secure.
  • Living off campus means that you could be responsible for utilities, cable and internet. Our best advice is to have any potential landlord specify—in writing—what will be included in your rent.
  • Who will be responsible for the utilities?  Your name on the bill means you will have to collect money from your roommate/s and pay the bills on time.
  • Have you considered grocery shopping and cooking/clean-up tasks? If these responsibilities will be too cumbersome or time consuming, consider purchasing a meal plan so you can dine in our cafeteria.

While this site is not the only resource you might use to look for an off-campus room, apartment or house, the landlords and management companies offering properties on our listings have agreed to tenant/landlord mediation through the Kettering University, should the need arise.