We recently received Board of Trustees approval of our updated official University seal. We are now ready to begin the process of replacing the existing seal with our new seal.

What has changed and why
Our seal is an important symbol for the University and we wanted to ensure that it reflected our brand character in a contemporary manner. Updates include:

  • Modernizing the illustration style
  • Refining the type font
  • “Opening” the doors shown in the illustration to reflect the spirit of Kettering University as an institution of opportunity.

Our new seal appears below:

Guidelines for usage
The University seal is not available for download, and its use in the future will be very selective. It will be used primarily by the Board of Trustees and the Office of the President for official University business.

If your department currently uses the seal in forms and documents please use up your existing stock. At the time you reorder your supplies please remove the seal and use the Kettering University word mark in its place. Get the Kettering University word mark.

Request for usage of the seal
If you believe an item in your department merits the use of the University seal, please contact marketing@kettering.edu to request usage of the seal, along with a description of the item, where it will be used, and in what quantity.

To view our new Kettering University seal, or for further information regarding the seal, please go to the Marketing and Communications section at Kettering.edu, or contact us via email at marketing@kettering.edu with questions.