Trevor Vitous

Trevor Vitous

Hometown: Swartz Creek, MI

Major: Applied Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science

Co-op Employer: Auto-Owners Insurance

Why did you choose Kettering University?

"I selected Kettering for its quality education that focuses on higher learning in mathematics, engineering, business, and science. Their co-op program offered many choices for me to acquire knowledge and experience and excel in the real-world before I actually get there."

What are the five best things about Kettering University?

  1. The broad selection of concentration and minors to customize your degree
  2. The well-developed co-op program
  3. The invaluable and abundant opportunities to network both at school and in the workplace
  4. The greater focus on studies outside of liberal arts
  5. The dedicated faculty of field experts

What was your coolest co-op assignment?

"In my most recent work term, I was tasked with programming in SAS - or Statistical Analysis Software - to create, manage, and automate reporting that showed valuable mainframe metrics to facilitate long-term capacity planning. My fully-automated reports will compile data months at a time and trend to give my employer the heads up so decisions can be made before a crunch."

What advice would you give students considering Kettering University?

"My advice would be to visit campus and converse with the faculty and current students to gain a better feel for what the school has to offer. Be sure to always be on top of your academic and financial game. Also, if the co-op program is a key deciding factor, but it seems like a lot of intimidating work, see the minds of the co-op managers to put your mind at ease. Don't let the possible costs deter you from reaping the priceless rewards of networking, real-world experience, and the company of peers who think on your level."