Technology Request Form (ITAC)

The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) meets the last week of every term.

Technology requests through ITAC will be accepted on a rolling basis for consideration during the next cycle, culminating in the meeting scheduled as noted above.

Please provide the following information as completely as you can.  Information you provide will help the committee members discuss the merit and impact of your request.

Please limit your project request to 500 characters.  You will be contacted for further information once the items are prioritized by the ITAC committees.

Thank you for your participation.

Read more about the ITAC.

View IT project information here.

  • Academic Subcommittee:  Dr. T. Lynch-Caris (Chair)
  • Infrastructure and Operations Subcommittee: D. Garcia (Chair)
  • Student Initiatives Subcommittee: Kate Ibbotson (Chair)