Held Weeks 8-11

May 23-June 17, 2016

All Senior II’s-Freshman I students register via the web as follows: 

Please note starting time for registration.
Web registration for each class standing begins at 9:00 p.m. on the dates below and runs through the end of the term. Each class standing (based on the earned hours, not class rank) will have a 24 hour window of opportunity to register for classes before the next standing will be allowed to register. Access to the website can be made from any internet connection.

Registration Dates:

  • SRIII - Earned HRS >= 120 begins Monday, May 23, at 8:00 a.m.  
  • SRII – Earned HRS > = 104 and not registering for final academic term, begins Tuesday, May 31
  • SRI – Earned HRS 88-103 begins Wednesday, June 1
  • JRII – Earned HRS 72-87 begins Thursday, June 2
  • JRI – Earned HRS 56-71 begins Friday, June 3
  • SOII – Earned HRS 40-55 begins Monday, June 6
  • SOI – Earned HRS 24-39 begins Tuesday, June 7
  • FRII – Earned HRS 12-23 begins Wednesday, June 8
  • FRI – Earned HRS 0-11 begins Thursday, June 9


Before your registration time, login to Banner Web and:

  • Verify your registration time ticket.
  • Check for any holds that will block your registration. Report to appropriate department to have holds removed.
  • Report any Banner web problems to Registration, 3-309 AB ext. 7476.


  • Closed course, pre-requisite and time conflict overrides are processed in the Academic Departments.
  • If you receive an error that says “course repeat exceeds 1,” this means you have exceeded the repeat limit of “1” and must receive approval from the Academic Success Center (ASC) Room 3-322 AB.
    Note: The approval will be contingent upon the development of a plan for academic improvement. ASC is located in Room 3-322 on the 3rd floor of the Academic Building. Plan ahead - if you know you will need to request approval to register for a course a third time (or more), see someone in ASC before your registration period opens. 
Very important: Kettering reserves the right to withhold registration. Any delinquent balance on your account must be addressed prior to your registration. If you have any questions regarding your account, go to Student Accounts, Room 2-312 CC, prior to your posted registration time.  

Key Contacts

  • Main Office
    (810) 762-7476
  • Grades
    (810) 762-9587
  • Graduation
    (810) 762-7852 (Master)
    (810) 762-9587 (Bachelor)
  • Guest & AP Credits
    (810) 762-9912
  • Registration
    (810) 762-7476
  • Transfer Students
    (810) 762-9912
  • Transcripts
    (810) 762-7476
  • Veterans and GI Bill
    (810) 762-9912