Kaila Hart

Kaila Hart

Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Bioengineering

Co-op Employer: Hurley Medical Center

Why did you choose Kettering University?

"I decided upon Kettering after participating in the LITE (Lives Improve Through Engineering) Program in 2010. I got to participate in several different classes with Kettering professors for two weeks while living on campus. Seeing how much Kettering students advance and how quickly they are respected by work colleagues and professional schools finalized my decision to come to Kettering."

What are the five best things about Kettering?

  1. Working closely with professors who want to see you succeed
  2. Being able to be part of such a close community
  3. Getting the chance to make a difference at a major university
  4. Participating in different clubs and sports
  5. Getting real-world experience through the cooperative education program

What was your coolest co-op assignment?

"The most exciting work assignment I have been involved in was getting the opportunity to follow a physician into a patient's room in the Emergency Department. I got the chance to witness the physician exam and interact with the patient who had a major head injury. Getting the chance to see first-hand how fast-paced and motivated the physicians are during a trauma is one of the best aspects of my co-op experience."

What advice do you have for students considering Kettering University?

"Deciding upon Kettering is making the decision to be involved in the community, get one of the best educations possible in the country, and to be respected in the real world. Come to Kettering with an open mind. The experience you get can change the way you think about your career plans and the choices you make."