Instructions and Updates


Prior to your registration date and time, complete items 1-5

  1. From the Kettering University website, current students go to Banner Web.
  2. Click on Login; enter Student ID in User ID field and Password, click on login.
  3. Select “Student” menu option.
  4. Select "Registration” menu.
  5. Select "Check Your Registration Status" to verify your registration time, that you have no holds, and that your status permits registration, then select the term you are registering for and click on "Submit Term". If holds are indicated, select "View Holds" item at the bottom of the page for explanation. Holds must be resolved prior to your registration date to web register.


When your registration time ticket permits registration, repeat steps 1-4 listed above, then

  1. From the Registration Menu, select "Add/Drop Classes,”
  2. Select the term you are registering for and click on "Submit Term.”
  3. Enter your Registration PIN, select “Submit PIN.” 
  4. From your course selection form, enter the CRN numbers for your course selections in “Add Class” area.
  5. Click on "Submit Changes" to process your registration. Banner will display the courses successfully registered for and any errors that prevented registration. Correct your registration errors: see below for details on the most common errors. To drop a class, click the down arrow located under 'Action' on Current Schedule, select "Web Drop", and then click on "Submit Changes.”
  6. When your courses are finalized, click back arrow in your web browser, then select “Student Schedule by Day and Time" (you will need to enter first date of term in which you are registering) or " Detail Schedule" to view your schedule. Carefully check your registrations; verify all courses, sections, days and times. You are responsible for the accuracy of your registration. You may print your schedule from either of these schedule views by clicking the "Print" function of your web browser.
  7. When finished, sign out at the top right of the menu bar. 

Common error messages

Time Conflict- Day or time overlap of courses. Choose which course you prefer and select another section if possible (see Look-up Classes. . . Helpful Hints). If you must register for courses that conflict, report to the department that offers the course(s) you need for a Request to Enroll in Courses Which Conflict form. When completed, take form to Registrar's Office to be registered in the course.
Pre-Req – You do not have the pre-req for the course you are trying to register for. You will need a Registration Override form from the academic department that the course is in.
Class Restriction – You are not at minimum classification level required for the course. You will need a Registration Override form from the academic department that the course is in.
Closed Course - The section is full. Register for another section or course (see Look-up Classes. . . Helpful Hints). If you must take the course this term, see the department that offers the course for further instructions.
Link Error - You have registered for a lab or lecture section without the corresponding lab or lecture (see Look-up Classes. . . Helpful Hints).
Over Maximum Credit Load - Your credit total is more than the maximum allowed. When you return to campus next term, request permission to overload from the Registrar.
Course Repeat -  If you receive an error that says “course repeat exceeds 1,” this means you have exceeded the repeat limit of “1” and must receive approval from the Academic Success Center (ASC) Room 3-322 AB. Note: The approval will be contingent upon the development of a plan for academic improvement. ASC is located in Room 3-322 on the 3rd floor of the Academic Building. Plan ahead - if you know you will need to request approval to register for a course a third time (or more), see someone in ASC before your registration period opens.

Helpful Hints

  • "Look-up Classes to Add" from the Registration Menu or "Class Search" button on "Add/Drop Classes" form will enable you to search for a course by subject or course number and/or time.
  • Be sure to page down to view the entire page. Some options are located near the bottom of the page.
  • Use the menu button to move between screens. Do not use the Back button to navigate on the Banner web forms or you will be logged off. At the stop sign, login again.
  • Inactivity for a 7-minute period will log you out. If this happens, simply login again.
  • Three failed attempts to login will disable your PIN number. If this occurs contact Information Technology during regular business hours.
  • If you try to access a menu option and receive the message 'request failed', click once on the Back button and try again.
  • To remove registration error messages, select "Class Search” item at the bottom of the page, then select another course or section.

Key Contacts

  • Main Office
    (810) 762-7476
  • Grades
    (810) 762-9587
  • Graduation
    (810) 762-7852 (Master)
    (810) 762-9587 (Bachelor)
  • Guest & AP Credits
    (810) 762-9912
  • Registration
    (810) 762-7476
  • Transfer Students
    (810) 762-9912
  • Transcripts
    (810) 762-7476
  • Veterans and GI Bill
    (810) 762-9912