Alternative Energy - Is it for me?

wind turbineThe existence of all forms of life on this planet depends upon the consumption of energy in one form or another. All life, from human beings to the plants and animals surrounding us, extract energy from our surroundings and convert it to usable forms. The food we consume, the solar rays that shine on us and the fires we burn are all forms of energy. We can get a significant amount of energy from renewable and abundant resources like the sun, wind, geothermal sources, water behind dams as well as waves and tides. Unfortunately, we get most of our energy from less desirable sources such as fossil fuels which include petroleum, coal and natural gas.

Using fossil fuels as our primary energy source causes the following problems:

  • Fossil fuels are non-renewable; they will eventually be depleted.
  • As demand increases, the price of fossil fuels will rise.
  • Fossil fuels cause environmental pollution such as smog and acid rain.
  • Fossil fuels cause climate change. The so called "greenhouse gases" are causing damage to our climate. These gases are linked to global warming, hurricanes, damage to the ozone layer, droughts, and a rise in sea levels.

To address the above issues, the Alternative Energy ME Specialty was created. This new specialty will make a major contribution in energy education and is in line with the desire to become nationally energy-independent and to create new jobs in Michigan.

Download the Alternative Energy Brochure.

If you have any questions about this specialty please contact either:

Dr. Ahmad Pourmovahed 
Brenda Lemke