Program Overview

The Mechanical Engineering program prepares students for a broad range of careers associated with the design and implementation of mechanical systems and with the conversion, transmission, and utilization of energy. The degree program is 161 academic credits; with 157 credits of course work and a 4-credit Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) project.  The course work is normally taken over nine 11-week terms and is distributed as follows:

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The required mechanical engineering courses provide breadth of knowledge in four key areas: Design and Manufacturing, Engineering Mechanics, Energy Systems, and Dynamic Systems & Controls.  Students have the option to customize their degree by pursuing a ME specialty program (Automotive Engineering, Bioengineering, Alternative Energy, Advanced Design and Materials) or one of the many minors offered by other degree programs (e.g Business, International Studies, Manufacturing Systems, etc..). Alternatively, students can select from a wide range elective courses that satisfy their career interest and/or schedule.

*For students who choose a specialty, these electives are restricted to certain courses.