Kettering University has always been noted for its highly skilled faculty with industrial experience and graduates who hit-the-ground-running, thanks to five years of cooperative education and thesis projects that combine theory and practice. This cooperative partnership with over 700+ industrial employers keeps Kettering faculty in close contact with industrial needs. This relationship has led to a department initiative for the integration of industrial research projects into the undergraduate curriculum and increased student participation in applied and fundamental research. These efforts seek to better prepare Mechanical Engineering students for teamwork assignments and concurrent cooperative engineering in the workplace.

Research Competencies

To assist corporate partners with developing products in fiercely competitive global markets, Mechanical Engineering developed core educational, consulting and research thrusts to support the following industrial sectors. They are:

  • Computational Engineering & Design Optimization
  • Automotive Engineering  & Fuel Cell Systems Integration
  • Bio-Engineering & Crash Safety
  • Energy Systems & Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Dynamic Systems Modeling & Control

Mechanical Engineering also offers continuing professional development certificate programs in the above areas for industry engineers. These programs may be offered either on-site (minimum 5 engineers) or taken at Kettering University. For more information on how Kettering University can assist with the development of your product or process and with state-of-the-art education and training of your engineering talent, contact:

Kettering University
Office for Research and Grant Administration
1700 West Third Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48504