Mathematical Circles are a form of education enrichment and outreach that bring mathematicians and mathematical scientists into direct contact with middle and high school students. These students, and sometimes their teachers, meet with mathematical professionals in an informal setting, after school or on weekends, to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics. The goal is to get the students excited about mathematics by providing a setting that encourages them to become passionate about mathematics.

Kinawa - Chippewa and Flint Mathematical Circles

Kinawa - Chippewa and Flint Mathematics Circles are highly interactive, with the learning proceeding through games, stories, or hands-on activities. Look at the logo above, the Platonic solids were made during Math Circle sessions. Athletes have sports teams that deepen their involvement with sports; math circles can play a similar role for kids who like to think about math. One thing all math circles have in common is that the students enjoy learning mathematics, and the circle gives them a social context in which to do so.