Math Placement Exam

Who takes it? 

All entering students who have not received transfer credit or Advanced Placement credit for the first calculus course, MATH-101, are required to take the Mathematics Placement (MP) Exam. This includes both new freshmen and new transfer students entering Kettering University.


The MP Exam is activated for new students after the $300 enrollment deposit to Kettering University is paid. 

Why take it? 

The placement examination has one goal: to place the student in the course which best matches the student's university major and mathematics skill level. Our experience shows that a student’s score on the MP Exam is the most direct and effective indicator of the student’s math skills. Be assured, your score on the MP Exam will not affect the status of your admission to Kettering University.

What about AP Credit? 

We realize that students who take their AP Exams in the spring will not receive their exam score from the College Board until the end of June or early July. However, you should take the MP Exam anyway. Your AP Exam score will always take precedence over the MP Exam score.


The MP Examination is administered on-line, prior to the start of your 1st term at Kettering. The MP Exam may be taken at most, twice. If you neglect to take the MP Exam, and you do not have Calculus I credits, you will be placed into MATH-100 - College Mathematics.

Questions about the MP Exam may be directed to: Nancy Stock in the Mathematics Dept., email:, or 800-955-4464 xt.7999, (810-762-7999)

Sample Examination: 

We provide a sample examination which will give you an idea of the content and form of the questions contained in the MP Examination. To take the practice test, login to Kettering University’s Blackboard system, using the user account provided to you by the Admissions office. The practice exam is located in the lower right corner of the Blackboard screen under “My Kettering Organizations”.

Calculator Usage: 

A calculator may not be used while taking the Math Placement Examination. The primary focus of the MP Examination is to assess algebraic and trigonometric manipulative skills and not on calculator or computer proficiency. The examination is structured so that successful completion of the exam will reflect how well a student has retained his or her algebra and trigonometry knowledge and skills.


Dishonesty regarding the MP Exam will result in your placement into a math course that you are unprepared for, and in which you are extremely unlikely to succeed. The last thing you should want to do is be placed into (and pay for) a course that you will most likely fail.

Retake Process: 

Students whose placement scores do not match their expectations may retake the MP Exam online as a second try. We recommend that you wait at least a week before performing your second try. The better of the two scores will count as your placement score.

Instructions for taking the MP Exam

Login to Kettering University’s Blackboard system for detailed instructions on how to take the exam.

Mathematics Courses

These are the courses into which a student will be enrolled based on the result of the MP Exam:

MATH-101 – Calculus I

  • Students with higher scores on the MP Exam will be placed into this course.
  • Students who pass this course will be prepared for MATH-102 the next term.

MATH-101X – Calculus I extra

  • Students who score in the middle range and would benefit from extra study sessions are placed into this course.
  • Students who pass this course will also be prepared for MATH-102 the next term.

MATH-100 – College Mathematics (Pre-Calculus)

  • Students with lower scores on the MP Exam will be placed into this course.
  • Students who pass this course will be prepared for MATH-101 the next term.

Options for students who place into MATH-100 College Mathematics

Students that place into MATH-100 College Mathematics have three options:

  • Take the MP Exam a second time. The higher of the two scores will then determine mathematics course placement.
  • Or simply accept the placement and start the Kettering math program in Math-100 College Mathematics.
  • Or contact the Admissions Representative to sign up for Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials.

What is Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials?  

MATH-099 is an online, web-based, five week math course offered to students that want to earn the opportunity to be enrolled into MATH-101X rather than MATH-100. The Five week course offers an intensive refresher on many aspects of pre-calculus mathematics. The Kettering University instructor will help the student to link these pre-calculus concepts to their application in Calculus. More information.

Examinations for credit above Calculus I

Kettering offers proficiency exams for students who feel they can demonstrate mathematics skills for MATH-101 and /or MATH-102. A student receiving a passing score on either of these exams will receive course credit and be enrolled in the next Calculus course. The Calculus Proficiency Exams are typically offered on Tuesday at 6 p.m. of the first week of the term. Contact the Kettering University Math Department for location details.

Honors Calculus II is available to those students who qualify. See Kettering University Math Department for details.