For students wanting to take more courses in the humanities and social sciences, the department offers minors in history, literature, economics, pre-law, and international studies. A minor consists of four of the upper division courses designated as part of the minor.

Kettering is known to produce great engineers, but by having a minor in LS more doors can open—opportunities for graduate school and being more appealing to employers looking for well-rounded professionals.
      ~Jarrad Pouncil, Electrical Engineering, graduating in 2008


Top Ten Reasons to Minor in Liberal Studies

1. You can use the other half of your brain, supporting your creative powers and giving you a break from thinking about equations.

2. You will gain more knowledge of yourself, the people around you and the world in which you live, essential to leading a fulfilling life.

3. Your choices of graduate programs widen and your opportunities to do well as a graduate student increase.

4. You will have more opportunities to practice communication skills, absolutely essential in positions of leadership and highly valued in all kinds of professional positions.

5. You will gain valuable preparation for working, studying and traveling abroad.

6. You will be intellectually challenged and learn something new in every class.

7. Your skills in defending an argument will be sharpened, your ability to carefully listen to others will improve and your confidence in your ability to influence others will increase.

8. You will have more to talk about at social gatherings at work.

9. You will have more in common with other students attending other colleges and universities.

10. You will have the broad educational background you need to help your kids with their homework.