Mission Statement

The Department of Liberal Studies imparts knowledge and concepts essential to the general education of students, and seeks to promote intellectual inquiry and effective communication. Its courses help students gain understanding of themselves, their cultural heritage, and human societies. By studying expressions of the imagination, philosophical and scientific ideas, and social, economic, and political behavior and change, the department's program explores moral and ethical dimensions of humanity, the necessity of informed citizenship, and social responsibilities of professionals.

While Kettering University is known for its programs that prepare students to be productive professionals, the university also believes that students need a broad education that enriches their personal lives and provides a foundation for socially responsible citizenship. The faculty of the Department of Liberal Studies are united in their dedication to providing this broad education.

The courses offered by Liberal Studies emphasize critical thinking, effective communication, and the examination of ethical issues. These courses help students to sharpen their abilities to reason well, and to act effectively and responsibly.