Rounding Out Your Education

Liberal Studies courses provide a broad program of study to help you learn more about yourself, your cultural heritage and human societies. By developing communication and critical thinking skills as well as an understanding of ethics, culture, society and the global economy, you will be well prepared to become a leader of your profession and your community.

Kettering is best known for providing students with outstanding professional preparation and a deep understanding of specialized fields. This outstanding education would not be complete without exploration in Liberal Studies. A broad exposure to Liberal Studies encourages personal development, inquiry into socially responsible citizenship and an appreciation for how one’s professional expertise serves the larger world.


Complement Your Major

Kettering's Liberal Studies courses emphasize critical thinking, effective communication and the examination of ethical issues. They help students to sharpen their abilities to reason well and to act effectively and responsibly. Our program is structured to complement a student's major with courses in humanities, social sciences, communication, economics and leadership throughout their years here.

These courses encourage students to think critically and independently, develop persuasive arguments, use social scientific methods to identify organizational problems and solutions, inquire into literature, philosophy and art for lessons in character and social responsibility and more.