Manufacturing Engineering Minor

The Manufacturing Engineering minor is available to students in any Bachelor's program at Kettering University. Generally students majoring in Engineering will have the prerequisites for the courses in the minor. However, students must have taken the appropriate prerequisites in order to enroll in the individual courses. 

The required courses for the manufacturing minor are:

  1. IME-301 Engineering Materials
  2. IME-403 Computer Numerical Control Machining
  3. IME-409 Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Plus three from the following:

      • IME-404 Sheet Metal Forming
      • IME-405 Casting Processes
      • IME-408 Robotics in Automation
      • IME-474 Design for Manufacture and Assembly
      • IME-499 Independent Study (must be pre-approved by IME Department Head for use in minor)
      • IME-507 Polymer Processing
      • IME-540 Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing
      • IME-575 Failure Analysis

For more information on the Manufacturing Engineering Minor contact the IME Department at 810-762-7941.