Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering offers an ABET accredited bachelor of science degree in Industrial Engineering.

"Industrial Engineering (IE) is the most flexible engineering discipline.  IE's are in demand for all types of industries: manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, management.  Kettering puts you ahead of other IE's by teaching you to be an expert problem-solver.  The program focuses on the practical and not just facts and figures." Stephanie Siakel, IE class of 2005, Harley-Davidson, Inc., Continuous Improvement Engineering.

The mission of the Industrial Engineering program is to produce top-ranked industrial engineers, highly sought after by industry, equipped with the basic knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering and practical technical and managerial skills necessary to plan, design, implement, and manage productive and quality integrated manufacturing and service delivery systems in a professional manner. Kettering's Industrial Engineering graduates will be expected to be able to work and grow in their profession throughout their lives with a capacity to adapt, flourish and succeed in a continually-evolving workplace.

At Kettering, Industrial Engineering majors get all the theory and experience they need to make a career out of  figuring how to do things better—whether it’s making a process faster or making a product safer. As an industrial engineer, you might 

  • develop a new way to manufacture a product that will decrease risk of work injury,
  • figure out a way to speed up and improve baggage handling at an airline, or
  • improve the process of hot-honing, a technique that improves ring seals in racing cars.

Consistently ranked among the best engineering programs in country, Kettering’s Industrial and Manufacturing program launches great IEs. That’s because we offer students

  • early and continuous professional experience through our co-op education program, which offers so much more than a typical internship or part time job. Students gain professional co-op experience at places like UPS, Walt Disney and Harley-Davidson;
  • access to 16 advanced laboratories, including the Ergonomics lab and the Work Design Lab (also known as the Lego Lab…);
  • opportunities to study in small classes with great faculty who are experts in things like logistical and transportation systems, discrete event simulation and material/performance relationships in artificial hip devices; and
  • opportunities to study abroad without missing a minute of your Engineering education.

With the Industrial Engineering program you may pursue a Cognate concentration or minor in many subjects offered by other programs.

You may also minor in Manufacturing Engineering or pursue a dual degree in Industrial Engineering & Mechanical Engineering—a choice that will enhance your marketability in the real world.