You are able to pursue the Master of Science in Engineering Management degree with an ABET accredited engineering or science undergraduate degree from an accredited U.S. college/university.  The admissions process will look at your undergrad courses and determine what, if any, prerequisite courses you may need to take.

(4 credit hours) ACCT-518 Accounting/Financial Concepts
(4 credit hours) ECON-513 Micro/Macro Economic Concepts
(4 credit hours) MGMT-521 Statistical and Quantitative Methods
(2 credit hours) MGMT-550 Management Concepts & Applications
(2 credit hours) MRKT-570 Marketing Concepts & Applications

You may wish to test out of these prerequisites. Each test is $30.00. You may attempt each test one time only. 

You are not required to complete all of the prerequisites prior to beginning your core curriculum, but you must meet the prerequisite for each individual course.

The curriculum consists of ten courses or 40 credits.

Business Core
BUSN-659 - International Business
FINC-619 - Financial Management
ISYS-669 - Managing an e-Business
MGMT-639 - Managing People and Organizations
MGMT-659 - Strategy
MRKT-679 - Business Marketing Management

Engineering Management Tools
Select 2 of the following:
MGMT-619 - Project and Change Management
IME-583 - IE Fundamentals
MGMT-629 - Management Science
BUSN-779 - Innovation and New Ventures
MGMT-609 - Technology Management

Science/Engineering Electives
Two (2) courses from CHEM, CS, ECE, IME, ISYS, MATH, MECH, MFGO
(These can be 500 level courses taken as an undergraduate for BS/MS students only)


The Department of Business recommends students consider taking one or more of the following science/engineering electives:

  • Engineering management tools courses (MGMT-619, IME-583, MGMT-629, BUSN-779 and MGMT-609) not already taken above.
  • IME-540 - Environmentally Conscious Design
  • IME-564 - Ethics and Practice of Engineering
  • ISYS-649 - IT Policy and Strategy

MBA as a Second Degree

If you complete the Master of Science in Engineering Management, you qualify for the MBA as a second degree option.  The MBA as a second degree option must be started within 6 years of completion of the first degree and completed within an additional 3 years.

The MBA as an additional degree requires a minimum of 20 additional credit hours.  In some cases, additional credit hours may be required to meet the minimum common professional component as required for accreditation.