Electrical Engineering Concentration

The Electrical Engineering concentration in the Master of Science in Engineering degree program is a research-intensive on-campus program designed for individuals who wish to deepen their understanding of electrical engineering principles and applications and to develop their skills in independent research.


Completion of 40 credits.

Required Courses

ECE-610 Modeling of Dynamic Systems 

Three courses from the following offerings.

  • CE-612 Digital Systems Design
  • CE-624 VLSI Design
  • ECE-630 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE-642 Electric Machine Drives
  • ECE-648 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • EE-524 Fuel Cell System Integration and Packaging
  • EE-530 Digital Control Systems
  • EE-580 Automotive Electronic Systems
  • EE-582 Robot Dynamics and Control
  • EE-584 Wireless Communication for Automotive Applications
  • EE-691 Graduate Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
  • EE-699 Graduate Independent Study in Electrical Engineering
  • Eight credits of any 500-600 graduate level elective courses
  • 16 credits of graduate research (EE-695 Graduate Research in Electrical Engineering)


  • Completion and successful defense of a master‘s thesis