Automotive Systems Concentration

The Automotive Systems specialty is intended for individuals who desire a deeper understanding and knowledge of the  engineering operations of various systems on vehicles. Courses range from powertrain and engine components to design for  safety and comfort. Students select courses from a structured framework in order to customize a program that best meets their individual and career needs. This program has a thesis option. 


Completion of 40 credits.

Required Courses

MECH-600 Engineering Mathematics with Applications 

Four courses from the following offerings.

  • MECH-526 Fuel Cell Science & Engineering
  • MECH-540 Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines & Automotive Power Systems
  • MECH-541 Advanced Automotive Power Systems
  • MECH-542 Chassis System Design 
  • MECH-544 Introduction to Automotive Powertrains 
  • MECH-545 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion
  • MECH-546 Vehicle System Dynamics
  • MECH-550 Automotive Bioengineering: Occupant Protection & Safety
  • MECH-551 Vehicular Crash Dynamics & Accident Reconstruction

Four courses from the following offerings.

  • EE-580 Automotive Electronic Systems
  • FINC-619 Financial Management
  • MECH-516 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis with Structural Applications
  • MECH-621 Applied Transport Phenomena
  • MECH-641 Combustion and Emissions
  • MECH-643 Noise, Vibration & Harshness
  • MECH-6xx Other 600-level electives with approval

One course from the following offerings.

  • Thesis
  • 600-level elective