System and Data Security Minor

Anthony Gosur

In today’s electronic age, data security is becoming more and more vital, and companies need people who understand the field and keep up with its ever changing landscape. Kettering’s System and Data Security minor provides you with the depth of study in areas of national concern. You learn the foundations of computer and data security, theory and technology, and the techniques necessary to function on a team where data security is a critical part of the work function.

At Kettering, you can minor in System and Data Security and have it so designated on their transcript must successfully complete five courses (20 credits) as listed below. This minor is not available to computer science majors or minors.

Required Courses:

  • CS-101: Computing and Algorithms I
  • CS-102: Computing and Algorithms II

Elective Courses (select any 3):

  • CS-415: Cryptography
  • CS-455: System and Data Security
  • CS-458: Computer and Network Forensics
  • CS-459: Secure Software