Student Testimonials:

  • "I chose the Computer Science program at Kettering because of the co-op opportunity. The Kettering co-op program gives me a chance to see if this is really what I want to do." --Krista Baker, Graduate, Rockwell Software, West Allis, WI
  • "I couldn't turn down the opportunity to get a computer science degree while getting real world experience at the same time." --Stephen Gerstacher, Graduate, Gradall Industries, New Philadelphia, OH
  • "Computer science is the best program: the faculty know most of the students, and the students know the faculty and are very supportive and willing to answer questions regarding the program or any classes." --Barbara (Luse) Gjerstad, Graduate, Ford Motor Company, Kansas City, MO
  • "At one of my co-ops, I was the sole author of the Software Requirements Specification for a new User Access Management System. I also wrote the User Guide for the system. I was definitely not a lowly intern." --Stacy Gardner, Graduate, Avalution Consulting, Cleveland, OH
  • "At ePrize, I was allowed to leverage bleeding edge web technology, the type of stuff that won't make it into a textbook for years." --Tim Downs, Graduate, ePrize, Pleasant Ridge, MI
  • "I work for a government unit and I'm not allowed to talk about it." --Montana Shoulders, Graduate, U.S. Government