Computer Science Program Overview

Students in the Computer Science program at Kettering University begin their education with a two year study of the art, science, and theory of programming. Students learn modern techniques of programming and introductory software engineering. The skills learned are immediately applicable to the student's co-operative employment and form a strong foundation for more advanced work.

Courses in the major areas of computer science begin with the junior year. Students learn about advanced software engineering techniques, modern hardware and operating systems. Students learn about the field of computing from theoretical, historical, and ethical perspectives.

Technical electives and free electives give students the opportunity for advanced courses in a variety of areas, such as information retrieval, computer graphics, cryptography, computer and network security, and artificial intelligence. Students may elect to concentrate their studies in computer gaming, or system and data security; students can easily obtain minors in diverse fields such as applied mathematics, economics, computer engineering, and literature.

A degree in computer science from Kettering University provides a solid foundation for employment both in and out of the computer industry. It provides the technical skills and experience necessary for success as well as the communication and team skills needed for employment in today's world. It also provides a solid foundation for students wishing to continue their studies in a graduate program.

Two concentrations are available: