Pre-Med Course of Study

Getting an engineering or science undergraduate degree can be taken to the next level with a Premedical Education Course of Study. This is ideal for students who are considering careers in pre-health sciences such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy.

Three of Kettering's programs already include the specific courses required for entrance into most medical schools: Applied Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry. Students in any of the other degree programs can obtain the required courses by taking the most common Medical School pre-requisites which are the following:

1 year (2 courses) of General Chemistry: CHEM-137/138, CHEM-237/238
1 year (2 courses) of Organic Chemistry, CHEM-345/346, CHEM-347/348
1 year (2 courses) of Biology: BIOL-141/142, BIOL-241/242
½ year (1 course) in Biochemistry: CHEM-351/352