Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 

A Chemistry StudentKettering University offers a rigorous chemistry degree consistent with the guidelines for degree certification by the American Chemical Society which ensures our graduates obtain a solid chemical foundation. Students in the chemistry program take courses and laboratories in all of the major chemical sub-disciplines including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry. During their senior year, chemistry majors take advanced chemistry courses in specialized areas and work closely with a faculty member on a research project. This allows them to gain a deeper insight into the sub-area(s) in chemistry of their choice.

A chemistry degree provides an excellent foundation for careers in traditional chemistry areas as well as many in non-traditional areas such as technical management, education, technical writing, sales, business, and law.

Program Educational Objectives

Chemistry Graduates will:

  • Have a broad, fundamental and mathematically rigorous understanding of theoretical and experimental chemistry
  • Function effectively and ethically within an organization and society as professional chemists
  • Have the skills necessary to effectively communicate their chemical understanding to the general public and to the professional chemical community
  • Be familiar with health and safety concerns and the use of chemicals in industry
  • Be able to pursue an advanced degree

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