Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry 

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry provides students with a strong foundation in the principles of biologically oriented chemistry and introduces students to a broad range of topics that comprise the large and dynamic field of biochemistry.

Students in the biochemistry program take courses and laboratories in all of the major chemical sub-disciplines including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry. Additional special emphasis in the biological area will be achieved by taking courses and laboratories in biology and biochemistry. All biochemistry students will have several terms of cooperative work experience so that concepts learned in the classroom can be applied to real world problems. Students in this program will also work closely with faculty members on a research project as part of their undergraduate education and training.

A Biochemistry degree provides an excellent foundation for careers in biotechnology, medicine, pharmacology, environmental fields, technical management, education, business, and law.

Program Educational Objectives

Biochemistry Graduates will:

  • Have a broad, fundamental and mathematically rigorous understanding of theoretical and experimental chemistry
  • Function effectively and ethically within an organization and society as professional chemists
  • Have the skills necessary to effectively communicate their chemical understanding to the general public and to the professional chemical community
  • Be familiar with health and safety concerns and the use of chemicals in industry
  • Be able to pursue an advanced degree

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